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1) What does property management entail?

The main purpose of hiring a property manager or a property management company is to protect your home or your real estate investment. By having someone regularly inspecting the property, you are more likely to:

  • Avoid home invasions
  • Avoid squatters (people who possesses your property)
  • Avoid damages to the property
  • Discover any issues in good enough time to repair them
  • Make sure tenants keep the agreement (check-in/out, rent, leaving the property in decent condition)

If you for example have purchased a property on Costa del Sol in Southern Spain, you will need to maintain the apartment, townhouse or villa by regularly checking up on it to make sure everything is in order. 

As the expert on-site, a property manager also act as a local presence for the non-resident owners. When a  property owner is living in another country than where their property is located, they may not always be available nor able to deal with issues that occur. A property manager can take care of those tasks for them, such as:

  • Communicating with tenants
  • Communicating the bank, a lawyer or a so-called gestor (as you say in Spain)
  • Assuring that the security and alarm system are working
  • Dealing with any uninvited guests, both people as well as any pests
  • Taking care of any other urgent matters
  • Taking care anything related to the property that requires psychical presence and/or knowledge of the local language 

We do weekly, bi-weekly and monthly inspections of your property on Costa del Sol. We check up o your home and arrange for trustworthy and reliable providers to fix any necessary repairs or general maintenance. As a property management company, LookHome MS, ensures that your property is kept in the best condition for when you or tenants arrive to your home on the coast.

2) What is property maintenance?

Property maintenance is an important part of a property managers responsibilities. As the property owners are often far way from their second residency, it can be very frustrating and concerning if any problems occur and they are unable to do anything. Not to mention, that some issues may grow very big very fast or cost a lot of money, if not dealt with straight away. That is why it can be crucial to have a manager onsite to inspect, maintain and repair the property quickly.

Property maintenance requests can include, but is not limited to:

  • Broken appliances
  • Unwanted pests
  • Water infiltration 

We understand more than anyone the importance of taking good care of your home. Which is why we work with skillful providers who are experts within their field. Our providers are reliable, competent and trustworthy companies with whom we have collaborated for many of our international clients on Costa del Sol.

3) How does key holding work?

A central task for any property manager is key holding. This includes having a copy of the property owners’ keys in order to conduct all the above-mentioned property management and property maintenance tasks. 

This is necessary to be able to take care of the property when the owner is in his/her home country. The property manager will often be tasked with opening and closing a property as well as activating/deactivating the alarm for tenants to enter, for cleaning, pool maintenance, gardening and other services that require someone to be on the property.

Owners will not just give the key to their beloved home to everyone, which is why trust is the most important aspect of key holding. This, and communication such as assisting with customer service, being and intermediator between the owners and any providers and other people along with giving regular updates to the owners and report if something seems unusual. 

4) How to get started on property renovation?

Are you considering renovating your property  to make improvements or to specifically increase the value of the property to sell it in the future? It can be difficult to find out how to get started, where to go or who to ask.  Especially if you are in another country with foreign language! In Spain, on Costa del Sol, things will often work differently than in Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom or other countries. You need to know the local laws, prices, materials, providers and much more.

The key to renovating your property is to plan the entire process effectively and find the right providers.

Taking on a renovation project is both a challenging and rewarding experience. But unlike building a new home, with a renovation you are not starting with a blank page.

That means that renovating a house can be more complex and may be prone to unforeseen issues and expenses, so being well prepared is key to a successful project.

Renovating a property can be challenging and you never really know what is in that wall you want to tear down. Get a professional involved to avoid any issues and unwanted extra expenses! 

5) How to make home improvements?

First of all, what’s home improvements? You might have seen the hashtag #homeimprovement on social media along with pictures of beautiful homes.

Home improvements can be many types of projects that make your home better, bigger, more modern, or more in your own taste.

Renovating your property in any small or big way can help make you feel more at home, which will result in you having a more comfortable environment to enjoy living in.  

Home improvements can include:

  • New window trims
  • Modernizing your home
  • Painting walls or doors
  • Reforming the kitchen
  • Remodelling an older bathroom
  • Polishing the floors
  • Changing tiles

We offer handyman services on Costa del Sol, so we will be happy to help you improve your home, no matter how big or small your project may be.

6) Do you need help with communicating with Spanish companies?

The basic things that you always need are easy to deal with in your own country, where you are familiar with the language and customs, but it’s something else in a foreign country like Spain.

Do you need any help with setting up a bank account, getting internet in your home, calling your phone company or communicating with your cleaning company, gardening, pool company or any other providers?

We have been where you are. We really understand your struggle. So we are here to make your life in Spain easier. We can help you with intermediate services in English, French and Danish. We can also help you find the right people to work with for any future projects. When you don’t speak the same language, it takes a LOT of time and energy.

LookHome MS is here to avoid this issue and give you peace of mind. Jonathan has been living around the world his whole life and in Spain for the last past 5 years, he speaks French, English and Spanish, while Line can help assist clients from Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. 

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