Trustworthy property management services

 Do you need help renovating the kitchen in your second resident? Do you have water damage in the apartment? Or do you dream of renovating your property but you don’t know how? 

LookHome Management Service is your professional partner on the coast! We will save you the hassle, the time, the energy and the mistakes by giving you peace of mind with high-quality of managing and maintaining your beloved home in Spain. If a problem should occur we immediately report it to you, and coordinate with the relevant service provider to resolve the issue on your behalf. We offer all possible services related to property management, and if there is something we cannot do ourselves, then we know someone who can!


second resident

Rental services

We manage vacation rentals for property owners and people who are looking for a place to stay both short-term and long term.

Guy who is repairing

Maintainance & Renovation

New kitchen, damage repair, general upgrade – We take care of all small and major renovations!

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Avoid work and worries when you go on vacation! We prepare your home for your arrival, so you can relax.

cleaning icon


There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house! LookHome MS will clean and tidy up your home during your absence.

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Filling the fridge

We will fill up your refrigerator with the products you like the day before you arrive in Costa del Sol.

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 Get help with the Spanish system, administration, juridical and accounting services and even emergencies such as your alarm going off.

Bil Transport

Transport services

Get a safe ride and be on time! We arrange transport services for individuals and groups traveling to/from Málaga Airport and other trips on the entire Costa del Sol.


Interior & Exterior Design

We collaborate with a talented interior and exterior property designer, who can help you design and decorate your home or investment property. You can even get 3D visuals!

Gardener og pool service

Gardening & pool service

You can get professional gardening and pool services for your property with LookHome MS. Make sure your garden and pool look just as beautiful when you return back to Spain!


Official keyholder:


Front door

Extra doors




Property maintenance & inspection inside:

Opening the windows in all rooms

Inspecting the humidity in all rooms

Check for pests & vermins

Report issues to the owners

Flush the toilets

Run all taps & showers to remove any stagnant water to avoid smelling.

Make sure the property is secure.


Property maintenance & inspection outside:

Collect mail and forward it to you (if required).

Inspection roof

Inspection garden & pool (if applicable)

Watering the plants (if applicable)

Regular maintenance of grass flowerbeds

Inspecting the conditions of the walls

Remove leaves from the gutter.



Manage the transport from the airport to your home & vice versa

Clean your car

Maintenance of your car.


Receiving furniture:

Be at the home to receive the furniture at the designated time

Make sure it is in the right place

Dealing with customer service.



Are you not able to go to your home on Costa del Sol?

Unoccupied properties are particularly vulnerable. Make sure your second home is secure when you’re not there! Our role is to manage routine tasks delegated to us by the owners and to preserve the value of the properties we manage.

LookHome MS offers individual, daily, weekly and monthly inspections,
so you can have peace of mind and know that everything is well in your house in Costa del Sol,
even if you cannot be here yourself right now. 

We will make a quote that suit you and your home !