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Property management


  • Door
  • Entrance door
  • Mailbox
  • Additional keys (windows)
  • Auto
  • Remote controlled Alarm

Inspection of the property, inside the house

  • Mail collection
  • Open windows in all selected rooms/rooms
  • Inspect condition of all floors, walls
  • Central inspection of fuse box
  • Flush all toilets
  • Open faucets

Inspection of the property, outside the house

  • Checking the condition of the pool
  • Regular maintenance of the pool
  • Inspection of the condition of the grass and flower beds
  • Inspect the condition of walls, roofs, pipes and more
  • Check for pests and vermin
  • Manage odd jobs

Additional Services

  • Fill the fridge before arrival (groceries are not included)
  • Manage the cleaning before arrival and after departure
  • Manage small jobs

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Renovation management

Managing the project

  • Managing the process with the builder
  • Coordinate the project
  • Reports to the owners during the home improvement
  • Intermediator between the owners and the builder
  • Inspections during the work

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