How to keep your Costa del Sol home safe from squatters while you are away

Are squatters a threat to your Costa del Sol home?

Nestled along the stunning coast of Southern Spain, the Costa del Sol remains a sought-after destination. Yet, amidst its sandy beaches and vibrant culture, a growing concern looms – the rise of squatters. We address the escalating issue of squatters on the Costa del Sol, the unique challenges faced by international homeowners, and how LookHome MS is your ultimate ally in protecting your property on the Spanish coastline all the way from Marbella to Benalmádena.

Picture from a villa we are managing in Marbella.

Are squatters prowling your property?


The surge in international second home buyers on the Costa del Sol has inadvertently increased the risk of vacant homes attracting squatters. These individuals unlawfully occupy properties, causing damage, distress, and legal headaches for homeowners. International homeowners face additional challenges due to language barriers and unfamiliarity with local legal intricacies.


Facing legal challenges with Squatters?


Navigating the legal landscape surrounding squatter eviction in a foreign country like Spain can be a daunting task. Squatting laws vary, and international property owners may find themselves entangled in complex legal proceedings. This highlights the critical need for a local ally who can look after your holiday home when you are away. It is a valuable advantage to have a trusted local ally, who speaks Spanish and can contact the authorities and the alarm company if squatters break into your holiday home. You will get peace of mind all year round by having someone who knows the local real estate market, the regulations, and who can also provide prompt and effective solutions to protect your home and take action in case the worst happens.

Your solution against squatters: How LookHome MS look after your property


Jonathan Paquay, founder and owner of LookHome MS

Proactive property mangement


LookHome MS doesn’t just fix leaky faucets or repaint walls; we take a proactive stance in safeguarding your property. Our comprehensive property management services include regular check-ups and inspections, ensuring that your home is not left vulnerable to potential squatters.

Swift response team


In the unfortunate event of squatter occupation, time is of the essence. LookHome MS boasts a swift response team ready to address emergencies promptly. Our team is well-versed in the necessary steps to take, from documenting the situation to liaising with local authorities, ensuring a rapid and efficient resolution.


The LookHome MS Advantage


Operating in key areas


LookHome MS operates on key Costa del Sol areas, including Mijas, Marbella, Fuengirola, and Benalmádena. Our local presence allows us to respond swiftly to emerging situations, providing on-the-ground support when you need it the most.


Multilingual support


Communication is pivotal, especially when dealing with legal matters. LookHome MS breaks language barriers by offering services in English, French, Danish, and Spanish. Our multilingual team ensures seamless communication, fostering clarity and understanding throughout the entire process.

Choose LookHome MS as your frontline defense


Squatters pose a real and growing threat to property owners on the Costa del Sol. LookHome MS understands the unique challenges faced by international homeowners and offers property inspections, maintenance, cleaning, handyman services, renovations and more. We are your frontline defense against squatters, providing proactive property management, ongoing communication with pictures and video reports, swift emergency response, and a local network of professionals.Don’t let your Costa del Sol oasis fall victim to squatters. Choose LookHome MS, your trusted ally in fortifying and safeguarding your property investment. For more information on our services and how we can protect your home, contact LookHome MS today.

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