Top 5 fears for international homeowners on the Costa del Sol

Picture this: owning a holiday home and getting a piece of paradise and the sought-after lifestyle on the Costa del Sol. This is a dream that many foreigners have turned into a reality. However, the dream can sometimes become a nightmare for international homeowners, who are not permanently living in Spain. 

Keep your Costa del Sol property safe and well-maintained

In this article, we’ll explore the top five concerns that property owners often face on the Costa del Sol and how LookHome MS, operating in Mijas, Marbella, Fuengirola, and Benalmádena, can transform those worries into peace of mind, offering an exquisite experience for international homeowner with a holiday home or a rental property on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Because the truth is that it is not always easy to keep your property well-maintained and safe in this idyllic region, where language barriers, local laws and permits, squatters, calima (the sandstorm with orange “rain” from Sahara), Andalusian work mentality, different approaches to construction and different understanding of quality work and the importance of deadlines come into play.

5-star property management company on the Costa del Sol

LookHome Management Services (LookHome MS) prides itself on helping its international clients in English, Danish, French, and Spanish with all aspects of their property on the Costa del Sol, all the way from Marbella to Benalmádena. This includes maintenance, renovation, property management including regular property inspections, keyholding, cleaning service, pool & garden maintenance, handyman jobs, and even more.

Why choose LookHome MS to take care of your property?

You can count on us to take great care of your holiday home and keep you informed throughout the entire process. We believe that communication and trust are the key to good property management.

The peace of mind and added value that a property manager can provide make it a smart investment for any foreign homeowner on the Costa del Sol. And with a trusted local partner like LookHome MS, you can relax knowing that your property will be well taken care of and ready for your arrival every time you visit. 

But hey! Don´t take our word for it. See the many reviews on Google and Facebook from happy homeowners, we have helped maintain and improve their property throughout the years. Contact us today and get piece of mind knowing that we are dedicated to taking good care of your property in Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola, or Benalmádena.

Fear 1: Neglecting your property

One of the most common worries for international homeowners is the nagging thought that their property might deteriorate due to neglect. This fear looms larger when you live abroad or use the property as a vacation home. Neglect can result in costly repairs and a plummeting property value.


How LookHome MS can provide relief:

LookHome MS offers a holistic range of property management services. Our team of professionals conducts regular inspections, performs maintenance tasks, and addresses issues promptly. With our watchful eyes and skilled hands, your property is preserved to perfection, preventing neglect and retaining its market value.

Fear 2: The language barrier

  • For homeowners on the Costa del Sol, effective communication can be a significant concern, particularly if Spanish isn’t your mother tongue. Dealing with local service providers, authorities, and contractors can become a labyrinthine ordeal when language is a barrier.

    How LookHome MS can help: 

    At LookHome MS, we pride ourselves on being multilingual. Our team speaks both English, French, Danish, and Spanish fluently, ensuring seamless communication with all parties involved in your property’s management and maintenance.

Fear 3: Legal and regulatory conundrums

Navigating the intricate maze of foreign legal and regulatory frameworks can be a headache. Homeowners worry about staying on the right side of local laws and regulations, especially when it comes to property ownership and taxation.

How LookHome MS can provide guidance: 

With our local network and in-depth knowledge of the Costa del Sol, we will be happy to help you navigate the legal and regulatory landscape, and if it´s out of our area of expertise, we know someone with the right competencies to guide you through any property related legal matters, ensuring compliance with local laws, tax obligations, and property permits.

Fear 4: The hassle of maintenance

Property maintenance can be a never-ending source of worry for international homeowners on the Costa del Sol. Finding reliable contractors, scheduling repairs, and overseeing the work can consume time and patience. Trust us, we know from both personal experience and many of the homeowners who come to us for help with their Spanish property.

How LookHome MS can take the load off:

LookHome MS alleviates the burden of property maintenance. We’ve established a network of reliable and professional contractors and service providers. From taking care of smaller repairs to conducting big renovation projects, we handle the nitty-gritty, letting you relish your property without the added stress. Our clients typically choose us because we are dedicated, thorough, experienced, trustworthy, and skilful. We take pride in helping international homeowners maintain and improve their Spanish property – getting the best results, delivering as promised, showing up on time, and communicating and reporting to the owners from the beginning to the end.

Fear 5: Security trepidation

Security remains paramount for international homeowners, especially when properties are vacant for extended periods. The apprehension of break-ins, squatters who possess your home, or property damage while you’re away can be paralysing.


How LookHome MS can boost security:

Our property management services encompass security monitoring. We arrange regular inspections of your property to make sure everything is exactly the way it´s supposed to be. We also offer to communicate with your alarm company if something goes off, and follow up with you and check on your home afterwards. We understand how difficult it is if something happens to your property while you are far away. Therefore, we do everything in our power to ensure your property remains a fortress of safety and protection throughout the year.


Owning a property on the Costa del Sol may be a dream come true, but it’s only natural to have concerns about property maintenance, communication, compliance, and security. LookHome MS understands these concerns and is ready with the perfect solution. We will be your trusted partner on the Costa del Sol. Our comprehensive property management services, multilingual team, network of reliable professionals, and unwavering commitment to security and maintenance guarantee that your property is not just cared for but also worry-free.


At LookHome MS, we take pride in being a property management company you can trust, one that’s always responsive, punctual, and thoroughly professional. Our team is fluent in English, French, Danish, and Spanish, offering a seamless experience for international homeowners on the Costa del Sol. We don’t just manage properties; we provide peace of mind, value, inspiration, and valuable tips to enhance your property ownership experience. For more information on how LookHome MS can assist you in managing and maintaining your Costa del Sol property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let LookHome MS take care of your property, so you can bask in the beauty and tranquility of the Costa del Sol without a worry in the world.

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